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Party Dresses

by SHOP BY AMY on February 19, 2022

The Fashion Chronicles: Party Dresses

Choosing the right Black Party Dress and Cocktail Party Dress.

by Shop By Amy

Do you have a party invite up on your fridge or penciled into your diary? An upcoming special occasion on the calendar is the perfect excuse to pull on our best party dresses and favorite heels.


Lately, everyone may have been gravitating towards more low-key, casual, or virtual get-togethers. But that also means that a special occasion with a cocktail dress code can be just the breath of fresh air needed to reinvigorate your social calendar and give you the perfect excuse to dress up.


black party dress

What makes a cocktail party dress?

Party dresses are always safe bet when dressing for an event with a cocktail attire dress code. But what makes a party dress and cocktail party dress?


You’ll want to look for something that’s in the midpoint between casual day dresses and the floor-length gowns formal wear. Think dressy fabrics and styles but in shorter lengths. For professional events, dresses that would fall under formal office attire can make a great choice. Most commonly, across all cocktail events, a cocktail party dress will fall around your knees or extend down to your calves.


What makes a tea-length party dress?

A tea-length party dress will be a cocktail party dress that falls on the longer end of the spectrum, from mid-calf to ankle. These lengths can work particularly well for dressier occasions. However, if you want to avoid appearing overdressed, a good rule of thumb is to opt for a dress in a less formal fabric or cut for balance.


Consider a black party dress as a versatile addition to your closet’s LBD repertoire.

The LBD, aka ‘little black dress,’ is an easy choice when you’re in doubt or indecisive. Its dark neutral tone makes it easy to look polished and dressy without too much fuss. 


A good LBD can provide an understated look, a backdrop to your favorite accessories, or a fun statement party look. If you go with an understated style, your black party dress will be an excellent canvas for your favorite accessories (think jewelry, heels, clutch) and makeup look. Or make your black party dress the statement, choosing a dress with embellishments like sequins, lace, or even feathers.


The Faux Suede Pearl Midi Dress in Black is a figure-skimming bodycon dress. A high neckline, long fitted sleeves, and midi length act as a canvas for the pearl embellishments that adorn the front and sleeves.


The Gothic Mermaid Midi Dress is a dressier option with its ruffled bottom and sheer tulle accent. This strapless midi dress in faux black leather is a statement look. It features an hourglass silhouette, and the asymmetric high-low hem keeps the tulle accent from looking too fussy or overly formal.


cocktail party dress

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