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by Shop by Amy on April 05, 2021

Show up as your best self everywhere you go. 
Explore any new style within the next 7 days, for a 15% discount on your total price. Go for a relaxed and casual look with our maxi dress or midi dress, or be bold with our amazing  mini dress and skirt sets, great as a party dress or cocktail dress. Each style has a limited  amount of supply so anticipate for some styles to sell out quickly. 

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Look out for an email from us with the promo code for this limited time of 7 days only 15% welcome discount. Shop By Amy was established in 2021 by Amy Park, who left South Korea in pursuit of the American dream many years ago. Inspired by pop art and festive European influence, Amy redefined women’s fashion empowering women in all sizes and styles. One of their initial designs was the mini dress, maxi dress, and midi dress along with two-piece and skirt sets perfect as a party dress and cocktail dress in all sizes. Since the early 2000’s many women’s  brands have partnered with Amy for their line of dresses to be sold and often Amy’s dresses disappeared from the shelves in just hours. The beginning of a long success story has just  begun. 

With love, 

Shop By Amy.