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White Mini Dress

by Shop by Amy on May 06, 2021

The Fashion Chronicles: Mini Dress

Stars with White Mini Dress.

by Shop By Amy


Chloe Ferry, a British reality TV star, paired a casual white mini dress with a black purse. This curve-hugging jersey dress is perfect for any daytime activities. The white boots and black coat she took with her ensures that she stays warm in her white mini dress.


An American sing a song writer, Lana Del Rey picked a fit and flare white mini dress for her new song “White Dress’ at the Men In Music Business Conference for a romantic look that matches her new song, “White Dress.” The dress is constructed of lacy fabric paired with a silver and gold double chain necklace, a white hairband, and a white skinny belt around her waist, allowing her to move freely during her performance on stage.


white mini dress


Gal Gadot at the 2021 Golden Globes picked a white mini dress. The white mini dress style custom made for her was a tunic dress with a halter neckline with a thin strap around her neck and garment on her bodice gathered on the front of the strap. The dress was constructed with wide long sleeves that flowed freely as she walked to the stage, creating a graceful silhouette that contrasts her role as the Wonder Woman in the movie Wonder Woman. She paired the dress with a long gold chain necklace with a black pendant and a black clutch.


The white mini dress style Nina Serebrova, an Instagram model based in Miami, chose for her Spring post was a bodycon mini dress that hugs her hourglass figure. For this look, she wore a pair of clear sandals with high heels and a simple pendant necklace that sits on her collarbone. A white mini dress is perfect for a vacation look near a beach, and she embodies that look with her dress.


Nadia Fairfax, a socialite based in Sydney, wore a white mini dress that resembles a two-piece outfit, with her top resembling a bikini top, and skirt creating an ethereal look with white feathers all around. An unconventional look for a bride for her bridal event, Nadia demanded attention from her guests and paparazzi. 


Rihanna, a Barbadian singer, wore a revealing white mini dress to the 2006 Billboard Music Award. This white mini dress style was familiar yet unconventional, with straps covering her bodice and flare gathered mini skirt below the waist. She went on to win the Female Artist of the Year award, Female Hot 100 Artist of the Year award, and Pop 100 Artist of the Year award.


White plus size mini dresses are a must have staple item in everyone’s wardrobe. Plus size mini dress is a piece that can be mixed and matched with other articles of clothing, can be worn for a variety of occasions, and can be worn again and again. Fabric, cut, trim, and silhouette are some of the elements one must consider to find the perfect dress. Outfits consisting of timeless basic essentials are one of the time tested tricks in looking great every day. Try white plus size mini dresses from us.


White mini dress