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Collaboration with MTREE

Collaborating with organizations such as Mtree whose mission is to create “artful change,” a transformation of marginalized communities in developing countries through arts and design”. We continue to expand and strengthen our corporate social responsibility value through  improved transparency, training, and oversight to protect the safety and dignity of all people  making our clothes meant to empower the customers albeit women or men wearing our  design. 


Mtree x AOME Collection

AOME stands for Apple of My Eye. This vibrant clothing collection was created by our in house designer Rachel Park. “Apple of my eye” usually refers to something one holds above anything or anyone else. The name was originally inspired by a biblical verse(Psalm 17:8). Rachel states that “religion is an important part of who I am”. Additionally, art and fashion are of significant meaning to me. These methods of expression create a big part of what I love to do and through AOME. I have been able to pursue this side of me”. Her designs were also inspired by her early childhood drawings that she created for her parents. Though Rachel dreamed of designing clothes one day, she desired to design with a much greater purpose in mind. She dreamed of changing people’s lives with art. In 2016, Rachel partnered with Mtree, an non-profit organization that took her to Maya village, Kenya to teach art classes to children in underprivileged communities. Rachel was greatly impacted by the positive effect that art had in her students’ lives. Now, it is her mission to continue giving back to the organization that has empowered the lives of many with her fashion line AOME.

Rachel is also passionate about empowering other women to change the world. So we have  teamed up with Dress for Success Worldwide-West. an international non-profit that helps women achieve economic independence by providing them with developmental tools such as work attire and network support.

For every AOME x GGB item that was purchased, 100% of the proceeds was donated to Mtree or Dress for Success Worldwide-West depending on where customers wanted the purchases to go towards. For more information regarding these organizations, feel free to check them out at and