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The Fashion Chronicles: Jumpsuits for Women

So, how do you find the Jumpsuit for you? Jumpsuits for Women

by Shop By Amy

There are few main things to take into consideration when you’re shopping for a jumpsuit:

  • What type of style are you looking for? For a more casual outfit, you might be looking for a jumpsuit with an elastic or drawstring waist with softer jersey or perhaps breezy linen materials. You might consider more tailored options for a more formal look, perhaps with wider legs and a belted waist to give additional structure. Our Cool Calm and Collected White Jumpsuit with its button-up ruffled high mock neck and wide-cut called detail hem on the trousers are a perfect example of this.
  • You should identify the silhouette(s) that suit your body type. With a jumpsuit, you might be looking to “dress for comfort” compared with a dress alternative, but you want to do that without losing your figure to the fabric. For example, a lined bodice with a smocked waistline can offer a more structured option. Consider pant lengths as well. A hem that falls just above the ground can complement height, whether you’re tall or you plan to wear heels, whereas a slim, cropped fit can sometimes best suit more petite frames.
  • Keep an eye out for seasonally and occasion-appropriate materials. The structure of a denim jumpsuit like our Arts District Utility, Mischievous Art Denim, or That’s Facts Jumpsuits can pair well with your favorite pair of sneakers for an easy-breezy off-duty look. A monochrome all lace jumpsuit can be a beautiful dressy look, and in more elegant iterations, a lacey white jumpsuit makes a popular choice for bridal looks, while a crisp black jumpsuit can be a chic look. A breezy linen jumpsuit can wonderfully suit a summer evening ensemble.


Jumpsuits for Women


What about accessories?

Just like dresses, a well-made and well-chosen jumpsuit can be the centerpiece of your outfit. To finish your look, it’s easy to pick a few accessories to complement your jumpsuit:

Jewelry: If you are a jewelry aficionado, this can be a great chance to create a secondary focal point. A pair of gorgeous shoulder-grazing earrings can make a statement. Or, if you are going for a more minimalist look, you might look to more delicate jewelry that complements both your jumpsuit and other monochromatic accessories you might choose to pair with your outfit.

Belts: Belts can offer a definition for your waist, break up the top and bottom of your one-piece outfit, and provide some structure. You can dress up a more casual jumpsuit that has an elastic and or drawstring waist or offer more structure to an outfit otherwise closer to the comfortable loungewear end of the spectrum by choosing to wear your jumpsuit with a belt.

Blazers: If you have a video call while working from home and rushing out the door, consider a blazer to polish up any outfit instantly. A structured blazer can both complement and contrast well with a slouchier-style jumpsuit.

Shoes: At the beach, you might choose to pair your jumpsuit with wedge or block heels, maybe something with raffia. In general, heels can lengthen the look of legs when worn with longer-legged jumpsuits. But they also work equally well with flat styles, whether they be sneakers or stylish flats. A cropped leg like found in our Geo Floral Cropped Jumpsuit or the elasticized hems of our That’s Facts Jumpsuit can be the perfect sort of jumpsuit if you’re looking to showcase your favorite pair of shoes.


Jumpsuits for Women


Browse the wide range of jumpsuits for women on our website and find a new favorite or the perfect outfit for your next occasion.