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The Fashion Chronicles: Maxi Dress

Long Sleeves Maxi Dress

by Shop by Amy

A maxi dress is one of the few styles that looks great on everyone. It’s a timeless classic. Maxi dress, characterized by a long, almost floor-length skirt, is perfect for those who want to create a longer silhouette. When shopping for plus size maxi dresses, there are a few tips and tricks to make sure you look your finest in the dress.


Go light when layering. There are many ways to add layers to your outfit. When it comes to a maxi dress, we recommend wearing a long sleeve maxi dress, as opposed to adding a jacket or cardigan over it. A long sleeve maxi dress keeps both your legs and arms warm without the additional bulk over your body. More people tend to choose a long sleeve maxi dress than a short sleeve maxi dress because a long sleeve maxi dress can be worn as it is or with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow.


maxi dress


Make sure your waistline is defined. There are many ways to rock it when it comes to plus size maxi dresses. But a maxi dress that does not flatter your waistline can instantly turn even the most beautiful outfit into a piece of sack. Choose a plus size maxi dress that is either fitted on top or a maxi dress that you can pair with a belt around your waist. Defining your waistline not only creates a slimmer silhouette, but it can also give you that lengthening effect, creating an illusion for longer legs.


Stick to one color. A single-color dress creates a long, lean silhouette, and this effect is best seen in plus size maxi dresses. Maxi dresses already add lengthening effects with its floor-length skirt, and when you stick to a single color dress, you can really tell the difference between before and after. If you choose the right color, it can bring out your beautiful skin tone. For a starter, for warm-tone skin, matching your dress with that tone, for example, the color of terra cotta or soft beige, can really bring your whole look together. But, if you’re unsure of your skin tone or just want something more versatile, you can never go wrong with a white maxi dress.


long sleeves maxi dress


Picture how you would complete your look. Maxi dress is like a blank canvas. You can accessorize it with almost any style and create a whole different look. Are you going to a party or that big social event? Put on a large statement necklace to instantly create a stunning look. Are you looking to have a easy and relaxing weekend after a crazy night out? Put on a pair of flats and a wide brim hat for that effortless yet elegant look.


How you style your maxi dress is really up to you. Maxi dresses are one of the most versatile outfits flattering on many people. It takes time and patient to find that perfect maxi dress, but once you do, you’ll see yourself wanting to wear that dress over and over again, and all the time and effort will be worth it!