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The Fashion Chronicles: Two Piece Sets

The best things come in pairs: Two Piece Sets

by Shop By Amy


Coordinated two piece sets are very on-trend these days and one of the most accessible trends to both wear and incorporate into your wardrobe. They can be an excellent option for when you have decision fatigue but still want to have a coordinated and cute outfit to wear. As a bonus, all you need to do is pick the shoes and accessories, if any, and your outfit and you will be ready to head out.

 two piece sets

What exactly are two piece sets?

These are coordinated two part outfits. A two piece set can be the basis of a perfectly paired look with an already matching or coordinated top and bottom - matching materials, colors, or prints. They provide the same sort of all-in-one convenience and ease in styling that everyone has come to love in their favorite dresses or jumpsuits.


Two piece sets come in a wide range of variations:

  • Two piece sweats, with sweatshirts and matching sweatpants, joggers, or leggings
  • Dressier blazer and shorts sets, a classy looking summery suit option
  • A two piece skirt set is like a two piece dress. When worn together, a matching top and bottom will give the illusion of a dress but also provide the flexibility of a separate top and bottom
  • Two piece shirt and shorts combos


Not sure how to jump into this trend or what to look for?

No need to worry. They come in a range of styles, and the options are practically endless, so there are two piece sets to suit any season, style, and situation.

  • Loungewear or sweats two piece sets are both comfy around the house or work from home looks or can be paired with your favorite sneakers for a casual athleisure look out.
    Our Hustle and Shine Sweatshirt sets and Tie-Dye Sweatshirt sets offer both maximum comfort and maximum functionality. And the gathered ankles of the sweatpants mean they look equally good paired with sneakers or booties or sandals.
  • For summer, there are two piece skirt sets and two piece short sets which pair crop tops or tube tops with skirts or shorts in a range of different styles.
    Our Delilah Crochet Skirt Set is a light and breezy summer option. In all white, it’s perfect for a romantic and dainty look that can work either during the day or for the evening, featuring flutter sleeves and ties on the sides.
  • A two piece dress or pant set can be a great alternative work look to a dress or suit, whether in the office or on a video call. Matching tops and bottoms can help your outfit look more put together than otherwise. In addition, the coordination can give you a refined and composed air.
    Our Carnelian Flower Kimono Pant Set is an elegant choice for a business casual look in the Spring or Summer. The loose-fitting top with ruched kimono sleeves and tie-front detail provides structure and pulls everything together.
    Our Getting It Together two piece set is another perfect two piece set for a summer work outfit. The structured bodice and tying sash belt of the tropical blazer help pull it all together in this outfit.
  • For the more formal occasions in your life, remember that there are more to two piece dresses than just the cute cropped and halter looks.
    In some instances, you may wish to consider a two piece skit set with a top long enough to cover your torso paired with a skirt hitting below the kneed. An outfit that is tailored and body-skimming can be a great option here to create a look perfect for that special occasion that also accentuates your best features. Like their one piece cousins, there are two piece dresses and skirt sets that include beautifully luxe features and details, such as floor-length satin skirts, lace, sequins and rhinestones, embroidery, and lace.
    Our Forever After All Skirt Set is a perfect choice for a cocktail or garden party with its floral pattern, high banded waist, and cascading full floor-length skirt.


You can look for different materials to suit different sorts of looks. Consider:

  • Taffeta or other flowing ample fabrics can create a dressy, flouncy, and feminine look.
  • Full denim can harken back to the early 2000s or the 70s.
  • Leather or leatherette can be the basis of sleek and sexy look.
  • Linen and lightweight cotton can be a great option for a breezy and cool look for summer.

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Having a two piece set in your wardrobe is a great way to get more mileage out of both the set’s component items and the other items in your wardrobe.

A new two piece skirt set is like adding three new items and at least three new outfits to your wardrobe in one! And, a new two piece set or two might be all that is needed to breathe some new life into your closet and a bit of fresh air to re-inspire your outfit choices.


Taking one part of your two piece and pairing it with an outfit basic or a neutral piece can offer a different sort of look.

  • A halter top from a summery two piece dress worn on a night out can be repurposed in a daytime beachy outfit. For example, you could pair the glamorous floral puff sleeve crop top from our Private Yacht Skirt Set with denim or a neutral pair of shorts or trousers for a daytime outfit that still has that touch of glamour. This is a statement outfit that can come together quickly with just a cute pair of sandals.
  • The trousers from a two piece pant set can because a second workweek outfit paired with a different top.
  • The skirt from a two piece dress that worked great as a polished cocktail dress with a different, less matchy-matchy top could equally look fantastic as part of a more casual outfit.

Please take a look at the wide range of our two piece sets available on our website, including two piece dress and two piece skirt sets. We think you’ll be able to find something great to look fantastic for your next event.